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10 Best Yoga Retreats in Tulum for Healing (2023)

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What are the best yoga retreats in Tulum? (2023)

The following are 10 yoga retreats in Tulum, Mexico that I have hand-selected. Each of these has been voted clean, safe, or transformational for attendees.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you click on a link and end up making a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read my disclaimer for details.

If you have specific questions for your hosts, do not hesitate to inquire! (Just hit the big turquoise button for contact details.) A good host will be responsive and happy to answer any pre-travel questions you have.

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Why Head to Tulum, Mexico for a Yoga Retreat?

In 2016, suffering badly from the winter-time blues, I was scrolling Pinterest for “best vegan-friendly beach vacations,” and one city kept showing up again and again — Tulum, Mexico.

The pictures of Bohemian-looking beach swings, the seafoam-colored sea, and Mayan ruins were enough to have me longing to be transported to Tulum, like now!

One article really sold it to me officially when they described that, although Tulum and its jungles can get quite hot, the breeze from the ocean-side is continuous and perfectly delicate, making Tulum’s beaches comfortable basically year round (just watch out for Hurricane season).

Needless to say, I booked a vacation for my partner Joe and me, and that spring we fell head over heels for Tulum.

In fact, we loved it so much that I vowed to come back with my yoga students — and the following year we ended up doing just that. For the next two years, I led successful retreats with help from two incredible beach-side facilities. I would have continued hosting more retreats if it weren’t for starting a family (neither option [leaving my little guy behind or bringing him along] sounded appealing — Maybe when he’s older).

You have to put your feet in the sand there to feel it, but the community and the land is just saturated with an undeniable sense of healing, nature, and spiritual connection.

Maybe it’s the jungle, or the sea, the cultural history, the vibrant, locally sourced foods, or the many healers who flock to this special place…. Maybe it’s the many healing ceremonies and services on offer — like clay treatments, Temazcal, sound healing, and more. Or, more likely it’s all of the above.

No matter how you slice it, Tulum is a special place if you’re craving a reset. You’ll catch the vibe when you settle in, and you’re likely to be unburdened of your stresses, whether or not you knew you were carrying them. 

As one concierge said to me on day three, “You look much more relaxed now.” I glimpsed my wild, sandy hair and sun-touched skin in the reflection of a window nearby and knew she was totally right.

Without further ado, here are some of the best yoga retreats on offer in Tulum (updated August 2023).

5 Day Elevate Wellness Retreat: Renew, Recharge, and Revitalize in Tulum

Revitalize with daily yoga and meditation, and savor locally sourced vegetarian meals in this yoga retreat by the sea.

Take a day trip to local cenote for swimming, and attend workshops on topics such as mindfulness and stress relief. Sign up for an optional spa service such as massage or clay body treatment or for a variety of healing treatments — from massage to sound healing.

Best of all, enjoy an ocean view room to facilitate your renewal.

7 Day Oceanfront Detox: Ayurveda, Yoga, Mayan Jungle Adventures, and Sound Healing in Paamul

Detox in Riviera Maya, 25 minutes from Tulum, with daily ocean flow sunrise and sunset yoga practices. Bathe in evening sound healing with Shamans under the stars.

Enjoy day trips to local cenotes, the Mayan ruins, and a beach club — included in the pricing. Enjoy an Ayurvedic massage (included), and sign up for optional healing services such as a “janzu massage” and Temazcal. 

11 Day Daughters of Isis Retreat in Tulum, Quintana Roo

Bring your mother or daughter to this transformational retreat that connects you to the Divine Mother Earth and helps you reach your full potential as a woman.

Includes an Ayahuasca ceremony, cacao ceremony, Temascal, day trips, daily yoga, and a professional photo shoot for mother and daughter.

9 Day Reminiscence Retreat with Sensory Awakening and Chakra Activations in Tulum, Quintana Roo

Embark on a journey of soul discovery in the jungle of Tulum. Awaken your energy centers under the guidance of experienced healers.

Enjoy specially curated daily healing practices and yoga. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of nature, and enjoy a secluded setting in the heart of the jungle just outside Tulum.

15 Day "Ascension - Goddess Initiation" Retreat in Tulum, Quintana Roo

Immerse yourself in a personalized detox experience and deep holistic regeneration in beautiful Tulum.

Ecstatic dances, ascension education, fasting coaching, and shamanic dynamic meditation journeys will facilitate your transformational healing.

Maximum group size is only 3, so this is an exclusive opportunity.

5 Day Journey Inward in the Jungle, Spirit Reconnection Retreat Through Nature in Chemuyil, Tulum

Immerse yourself in a 5-day healing retreat in Tulum’s jungle.  (Re)connect with your natural essence, and recalibrate your energy field in a pristine setting surrounding this retreat’s location, Casa Arkaana.

Highlights include meditation, sound healing, cenote excursions, and various ceremonies — including sacred Amazonian medicine, Cacao and Temazcal.

5 Day Fitflowyoga Holistic Retreat in Tulum

Nourish, heal, and reenergize in paradise. In this retreat, you can expect vigorous vinyasa yoga classes and a cenote tour.

Highlights include: a cacao gather with sound ceremony, daily yoga and meditation, vinyasa and yin, and a professional photo shoot.

6 Day Women's Transcendence Trauma Healing Retreat in Tulum

Clarify your highest vision and transcend your trauma during this women’s only retreat in the healing lands of Tulum. Joine Divine Lifestyles for a supportive, positive, and high-vibe journey with a community of women who want to empower you and usher you into your highest potential and expansive freedom.

Highlights include, oceanfront property, yoga, breathwork, meditation, somatic practices, sound alchemy, voice activation, self-care rituals, cacao ceremonies, yoni steams, an optional plant medicine journey, a Temazcal ceremony, and hormone-balancing nourishment.

5 Day Nourish to Flourish Yoga Retreat in the Jungle of Tulum, Quintana Roo

Detox in Riviera Maya, 25 minutes from Tulum, with daily ocean flow sunrise and sunset yoga practices. Bathe in evening sound healing with Shamans under the stars.

Enjoy day trips to local cenotes, the Mayan ruins, and a beach club — included in the pricing. Enjoy an Ayurvedic massage (included), and sign up for optional healing services such as a “janzu massage” and Temazcal. 

4 Day All-Inclusive Yoga Bootcamp in Tulum

This retreat, located in a nature preserve at the southernmost end of the hotel strip, aims to provide the most relaxing and rejuvenating wellness getaway in the region. Brought to you by Tulum Wellness Academy, they offer a generous all-inclusive experience that includes a daily spa treatment every full day of your stay.

Enjoy many different class options, optional day trips, a holistic massage, and a Shamanic ceremony. “Here,” the organizers boast, “you can do as much, or a little, as you like.”

If you go... let us know!

Tulum holds such a special place in my heart. If you do end up retreating there, I’d love for you to share your experience.

Or, if you’ve got more questions, let me know in the comments below — and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Safe and happy travels.

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  1. Off topic but since it’s mentioned as one of the retreat’s offerings – have you ever tried ayahausca? It’s something I’ve always been interested in trying and I find myself browsing through retreats often.

    1. I’ve not personally tried it but I’m not against the idea. Timing just isn’t right for me. I have a friend, successful 60-smthng woman lawyer with children, who does it periodically and has brought her husband along too. She always comes back feeling obvious joy and loving acceptance that lasts for months. … I think they say the plant calls you, so if you’re feeling the call… 🤔

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