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37 Inspiring Affirmations to Level Up Your Self Talk

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37 Affirmations to Level Up Your Self Talk

Step into Your Next Layer of Expansion + Abundance.

I first encountered the concept of affirmations as a teenager when I read an essay by Louise Hay. Back then, I thought the idea was really cheesy. 

Even though I loved the ideas in the essay, affirmations were just not something this cool kid was going to do. 

Over the years, I noticed something funny though.

Whenever I wanted to achieve something big or when I needed extra motivation, I would ramp up my self talk. 

I’d stand in the mirror or just pace around and pump myself up and say things like, “You got this. You were meant for this. Your were born for this. You’re amazing. You can totally do this…” 


I was saying affirmations all along (Thank you, Louise).

Fast forward to present day

The Roommate In Your Head

We talk to ourselves all day ANYWAY (unless were are realized yogis). So we might as well get really intentional about the things we say to ourselves. 

Not only that, but too many of us have a script that has some nasty, or just subtly low-vibe, energy peppered into it. 

Affirmations give us the chance to clean up that background voice and re-program our self talk for kindness, support, encouragement, and expansion. 

Here they are:

37 Affirmations to Uplevel Your Self Talk

I am doing great. 

I do as well as I can at every juncture and what I do is good enough. 

It’s not just good enough, it’s perfect. 

And if I don’t perceive it to perfect, I trust that in the wider plan, in the bigger unfolding which I do not yet understand, this happening is still auspicious for me. 

I am so lucky to live the life I live.

And if I don’t perceive it to perfect, I trust that in the wider  plan, in the bigger unfolding which I do not yet understand, this happening is still auspicious for me. 

I am so thankful for all of the abundance in my life. 

I am bowled over by the incredible, almost miraculous feeling of abundance and overflow in my life… in the area of relationship, in the area of material reality.

I have so many things to feel lucky for, to feel grateful for…

And in those blind spots and those places that I perceive to need improvement, I TRUST that all is improving all the time.

I am worthy of receiving all of this incredible abundance in my life. 

I step in to bigger impact all of the time. 

I came here as a soul in a human body to experience… To experience contrast, to experience joy, to experience love, to experience relationship. 

I have things I’m working on and I love that about myself. 

I have things I’m good at and I love that about myself. 

Things are getting better for me all of the time.

I am guided by divine inspiration. 

I am fundamentally supported by that which is bigger than me, that spark of life force that is within me at all moments. 

I am here to shine my light!

I will not dim my light and I will not tolerate anyone else dimming my light. 

I am here to show up and show up fully and show up BRIGHT. 

I am not afraid of my own light and if at times I am that is okay. 

Over and over again, I choose to shine my light bright, to stand in it fully, to let it move from my skin to expand and envelope all of those who come into contact with me. 

I am sometimes surprised by the power and brightness of my light and I am thankful for it. 

I know that light stems from something deeper than me, bigger than me, more expansive than me, divine. 

I know that I am an extension of life force energy, divine-force energy. 

I accept my mission to shine my light and do good things and do good work, even if those things be small… 

Even if the best I can do today is to show up and be kind to somebody, to show up and be patient, to show compassion. 

That is the calling.

That is what I am here to do. 

I feel my light expanding all the time.

Even if I am nearing the end of my life, and I feel like my work is done… I understand that I am moving back toward my source. I am so thankful for all I have been, all I continue to have, all I continue to be. 

I welcome this expansion and I willingly step into this new layer of my way of being. 

I am not so conceited or delusional as to believe that I am originating all of these incredible and wonderful divinely inspired actions. 

I know they are coming from somewhere deeper, somewhere bigger, somewhere divine. 

As I move through my day, I know that I am doing a good job.

I know that I am doing the best I can and the best I can is perfect. 

And I know that this inspiration that comes and moves through me and gets integrated and balanced lives on to serve the world… to serve my loved ones, serve the community, serve the planet, serve the universe– in the best way, in the way that ONLY I can serve it. 

Internalize it. Stabilize it. Breathe it in, breathe it out.

You’re more amazing than you know. 

Keep being your own best friend. 

With Love, 

Leigha Butler

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What are you working toward? Declare it! Show up! Leave a comment 🙂

3 thoughts on “37 Inspiring Affirmations to Level Up Your Self Talk”

  1. Thank you, I love this, and I love that you shine so brightly. I also thought affirmations were cheesy and funny. SNL and Stuart Smiley were hilarious. Today, my favorite is: I am here to show up fully and BRIGHT.
    When we show up as the light we were made to be, we allow others to stand in their light, which comes from the Divine.

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