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10 Morning Mantras for Incredible Abundance

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Find a peaceful place to sit, and softly say these 10 mantras every morning in order to grow the abundance that already exists in your life. 

Repeating these words in an intentional way is going to re-program your self talk, transforming  you into a better energetic fit for the abundance that wants to flow into your life. 

Does this really work?

I used to think affirmations were a bunch of hocus pocus… 

That is, until I started doing them. 

I have realized that affirmations — or mantras as I call them here — are a way to re-write any limiting beliefs, self talk, and stories that you tell yourself consciously or unconsciously. 

Even if they don’t feel true at first, envision yourself moving closer and closer toward these mantras as you create your reality. 

After a while, they will become your self talk, and you will absolutely see your life shift. 

Before you begin...

Make sure you are in a comfortable, peaceful place. 

Tend to your surroundings and to your body in order to set yourself up for receptivity. This might mean tidying your space, wrapping yourself in a blanket, or spraying a mist of essential oil, for example. 

Take a moment to visualize what it is you personally mean when you speak of “abundance.” Does it have to do with health? wealth? relationships? Pick one to focus on today.  The clearer and more specific the picture in your mind, the more effective these mantras will be. 

Repeat each mantra 2-3 times, and be sure to say them slowly, taking note of the meaning in each word. Savor them like you would a cup of tea. 

Alright, let’s get to it: 

10 Morning Mantras to Call in Incredible Abundance:

Abundance is all around me, and I am so deeply thankful.

I am in perfect alignment with my most abundant self.

I intuitively move toward greater and greater abundance.

Each day I take time to notice the many gifts that fill my life.

I am brimming over with abundance inside and out.

Richness of life is all around me, and I lovingly receive it.

My good work in the world is bolstered by the incredible wealth in my life.

I release any and all limiting beliefs — conscious or unconscious — that have kept me from fully enjoying the abundance available to me.

I surrender and receive so much more abundance than I expect.

I love holding a vision of my most aligned, most prosperous self.

Listen Along...

Click below to access the follow-along guided mantra session with binaural beats that accompanies the written text: 

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