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How to Get a Job at a Yoga Studio

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You’ve got your yoga teacher training certificate in hand, and you are so ready to teach yoga in person. Great! Here’s how to land a job teaching for your local yoga studios. 

These recommendations are based on my nearly ten years of experience as a studio owner who hired many instructors over the years. 

1. Take 3 or more classes at the studio

This is as much for you as it is for the people who may eventually hire you. Think of it as research: By taking classes at your local yoga studio you’ll get to know the culture, approach, and vibe of the place. As a bonus, you’ll begin to become a familiar face in the community. If the studio feels like a natural fit, then proceed to the next step. 

2. Offer to be placed on the sub list

Most studio owners will be glad to have a deeper lineup especially around August and during the holidays (and at many other points throughout the year!). Many instructors are brought permanently onto the roster when they have shined in the role of sub. This is a great way to establish your presence in the studio community. 

3. Mention to the owner that you would love to be on the schedule

As soon as you feel ready, let the owners know that you would love to teach at their studio. As soon as a time slot becomes available, you’ll be top of mind. In some cases, if the relationship feels like an especially good fit for all parties, those who write the schedule will find a way to create a time slot especially for you. 

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4. Don't limit yourself to just one studio

If it’s taking longer than you’d like to be hired, don’t waste your precious time waiting around for the owner to recognize what an incredible asset you’ll be to their yoga student community. Visit other studios and get to know even more people in your wider yoga community. Before you know it, someone will be ringing you to request your teaching services.

5. Be prepared with insurance + references

In the spirit of acting AS IF (as if you’re already hired), you’ll want to obtain liability insurance. Fortunately, these plans are quite affordable (here’s one that people like). Insurance is important because it will protect you and the studio in the unlikely event that you are sued.

It’s also a good idea to have two references at the ready — your teacher trainer is an excellent reference; so are former or current employers. You may not need to submit a yoga resume at any point in the hiring process; still, having one prepared certainly won’t hurt.

Use this momentum to get hired at a yoga studio sooner than later!

Too many graduates of yoga teacher training programs hesitate for a beat too long after graduation before they TAKE THE ACTION required to start teaching at a studio!

In this unfortunate situation, the recent grad loses confidence and momentum, and before ya know it, self doubt takes over. Don’t let this be you!

If you’re interested in teaching for a yoga studio, then take the real-world action steps NOW! Peruse studio schedules, and plan to attend a few classes at a studio that looks like a good fit for the style of yoga you were taught. In my view, the sooner the better. Just think of all the people who stand to benefit from your presence and guidance. 

Now, I'm curious...

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