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Yoga is waking up to your soul essence

Get support from one of the internet's most beloved teachers of this ancient lineage.

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Read dozens of articles that simplify the complex topic of spiritual awakening. Ancient wisdom for modern minds.

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Join Leigha’s membership site to access hundreds of hour-long soulful yoga practices.

It's Nice to Have Guidance...

According to the teachings of yoga, the soul is a deathless, ever-evolving, singular aspect of Divine Consciousness. One Vedic master, Anand Mehrotra, calls it “Universality localized” and I love that.

The process of waking up to your soul self is a decidedly nonlinear, sometimes playful, and always ongoing unfolding. 

Still, the serious seeker must commit themself to a spiritual sadhana (or personal practice) that is — as the Sutras say:

  • uninterrupted
  • and carried out over a long period of time
  • with intense devotion.

Too often, we feel like we have to go it alone. That’s where I step in.

I love the whole conversation surrounding awakening, and as a former Literature professor and long-time student of the yogic texts and practices, I feel called to offer guidance both from personal experience and from the sages who have already trodden the path and generously relayed their dispatches.

Many students across the globe use my yoga portal to engage in their own yoga practice and to turn inward to the ultimate guru, one’s own inner knowing.

I am lifted up by the understanding that my yoga instruction has very little to do with me, the person and EVERYTHING to do with how crisply and clearly the teachings flow through me

It is my honor to be a guide and support to earnest practitioners. 

How to Work with Me

The easiest way to work with me is to take classes with me on YouTube or — when you’re more serious — to take classes on my online yoga portal. I also offer courses and trainings

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Leigha's Online Yoga Portal

What you get:

Members have access to all of the practices on the site (hundreds). Most are 60-mins long. 


What are the classes like?

My style is always evolving. These days, you’ll find what I’ve come to think of as full, divine sadhana offerings — each including:

  • a teaching from the texts,
  • pranayama,
  • adventurous + sweet asana,
  • and meditation to close. 


How difficult are these practices?

Most classes lately are moderate / open-level (suitable for many levels), but I gained initial popularity as a teacher of challenging and intermediate Vinyasa flow-style practices, so you’ll find many of those on the site as well. 

Many people describe my practices as mindfully paced-but-strong. Those yearning for fast-paced butt-kicker classes will find my style too slow (just right for my own middle-aged soul vehicle 😉). 

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Recent Testimonials

“I have started to call you one of my ‘teachers.’ I don’t give that title to many people, actually only 2 of you even though I’ve had many… Thank you for being a part of my yoga path.” -J

“I want to thank you for all of your insights, your tireless positivity, and the fun that you put into the deep and meaningful elements of the practice.” -C

The intuitive movement you encourage is allowing my practice to deepen so much. -H

I really appreciate you integrating traditional teachings into the practices. -T

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