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12 Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Yoga Lover in Your Life (2023)

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12 Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Yoga Lover in Your Life (2023)

I’m willing to bet that the yogi in your life is awesome! And for that reason they deserve an awesome, environmentally conscious gift from smartypants you.

That’s why I’m giving you a cheat sheet of 12 sustainable gift ideas for your favorite yoga lover. 

I’ve done the research for you, so sit back and get ready to be the excellent bearer of gifts! Your yogi is going to be psyched.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. 


1. A Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

This is the only mat on the market that bills itself as a “for life” yoga mat — and they are not kidding. 

As someone who has taught yoga for well over a decade in person and online, I will NEVER purchase another yoga mat nor will I ever point a potential buyer to a different yoga mat. 

Why is a Manduka Yoga Mat such an awesome sustainable gift idea?

  • They are PERFECTLY STICKY – no sliding hands.
  • They NEVER FALL APART – no embarrassing cleanup after practice.
  • You only make the (reasonable) investment ONCE – they truly mean “for life.” 
  • Because it lasts forever, you are MINIMIZING YOUR FOOTPRINT on the planet – it is ecologically friendly. 

2. Natural Cork Yoga Block by Gurus Seed

Cork blocks are not just aesthetically pleasing. They’re known to be ecologically friendly when sourced from sustainable family farms, as is the case with GuruS Seed’s cork props. 

Cork blocks tend to be heavier than foam blocks, which provides more stability for the practitioner. 

What's awesome about Gurus Seed's cork blocks?

  • They are SUSTAINABLY SOURCED from family farms in India, according to their website
  • They come in EXCEPTIONALLY BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING that stands out from the rest. 
  • I selected this brand because their blocks are HIGHLY REVIEWED.
  • Gurus Seed is a SMALL BUSINESS that supports farmers in India, yoga’s native land. 

3. A Recycled Yoga Blanket by Hugger Mugger

No yoga or meditation space is complete without a comfortable blanket to sit on or to layer up with for savasana

This one by Hugger Mugger isn’t just highly rated, it’s also made of recycled material, which makes it a great, sustainable gift for the yogi in your life. 

Why is Hugger Mugger's eco-friendly blanket such an awesome sustainable gift idea?

  • It’s EXTRA WARM, thick, and cozy.
  • Reviewers LOVE it
  • It’s made from RECYCLED materials, making it perfect for the environmentally conscious yoga lover.
  • It’s NOT made from wool. A plus for vegans and those who are allergic. 

4. Cork Yoga Wheel by UpCircleSeven

The yoga wheel is an awesome tool for developing flexibility in the back. It can also be used for therapeutic purposes. 

Many yogis get incredibly creative with their yoga wheels, and yet many yogis won’t purchase one for themselves. That’s why it’s such a great gift for the environmentally conscious yogi you love.

What's awesome about this cork yoga wheel?

  • Its CORK DESIGN makes it more sustainable than many yoga wheels, which are made of primarily plastic. 
  • It’s PRICED NICELY and sold by a reputable store. 
  • Over 5,000 purchasers are OVERWHELMINGLY happy with this yoga wheel. 

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5. A Serene Climate-Neutral Phone Case by the Casely Store

Who doesn’t love a new phone case? The problem is, most of them are made of unsustainable plastics that will eventually end up in a landfill. A conscious consumer is not going to be pleased about that. 

Not the case for this case!

In addition to the serene mountain scene, your conscientious friend can rest assured that this phone manufacture cares about their ecological impact and offsets their carbon footprint, qualifying this (along with other designs from the same company), as carbon neutral. 

Why is this an awesome sustainable gift for your yogi?

  • It’s CLIMATE NEUTRAL and therefore eco-friendly phone case. 
  • It comes in MORE DESIGNS
  • CLIMATE PLEDGE friendly
  • It’s made by a SMALL BUSINESS.

6. Gorgeous Bohemian Necklace by Boma Jewelry

Need sustainable gift ideas for a yoga lover who also happens to love jewelry? I got you. 

Boma Jewelry specializes in ethical, sustainable sterling silver jewelry. Their delicate designs make the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious consumer in your life. 

What makes this an awesome sustainable gift for the yoga lover in your life?

  • Gorgeous BOHEMIAN filigree pendant design.
  • Ethical, SUSTAINABLE company
  • Genuine, HYPOALLERGENIC sterling silver

7. Handmade Lotus Incense Burner

A beautiful sustainable gift idea for the eco-conscious yogi in your life: an incense burner featuring a lotus and a hand in jñana mudra.

This handmade ceramic burner would make a unique touch in your loved one’s yoga nook. 

What makes this incense burner such an awesome sustainable gift idea?

  • HANDMADE craft.
  • Symbolic LOTUS flower and wisdom hand mudra. 
  • Comes with cone shaped incense and accommodates a variety of incense sticks. 
  • Created a beautiful FLOWING WATER EFFECT

8. Zero Waste Kit for the Super Sustainable Yoga Lover

For the environmentalist yogi in your life, pick up this special “zero waste” kit, celebrating a movement that has as its central mission the achievement of a low or no consumer waste future. 

Produce bags, compostable straws, food storage bags, and beeswax wraps are all part of this unique gift kit. 

What makes this an awesome gift for the environmentalist yogi in your life?

  • Supports the ZERO WASTE movement. 
  • Helps your loved one live a life of LESS CONSUMER WASTE

9. Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillows

These weighted eye pillows make for a luxurious home spa experience. The lavender aroma has therapeutic benefits for the sinuses and relieves muscle tension. 

When my former business partner and I needed sustainable gift ideas for all of our yoga studio’s teachers, we bought them all eye pillows — and they were a big hit. 

What makes this an awesome sustainable gift idea?

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL that will last for many years. 
  • Can be HEATED OR COOLED for maximum therapeutic effect. 
  • LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY is reminiscent of yoga studio spaces and fosters deep relaxation. 

10. Beyond Yoga High Waisted Midi Pants

I have personally sampled many yoga pants over the years, and the ones I keep coming back to are Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye fabric leggings. 

They are seriously the most buttery soft, comfortable leggings that I own. Plus they are flattering and long lasting, and I always choose them over the many others in my closet. Treat your yogi to these top-notch yoga pants. 

IMHO these are the holy grail of sustainable yoga clothes.

What makes Beyond Yoga pants sustainable and awesome?

  • Beyond Yoga’s pants are seriously GREAT QUALITY.
  • Your favorite yogi will NOT HAVE TO REPLACE THEM in just a couple of years like many of the fast-fashion brands out there. 
  • They will be the MOST COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS your yogi owns, and they’ll look super cute too. 
  • Beyond Yoga is a woman-owned business. 

11. Tufted Corduroy Meditation Cushions

Feast your eyes on this Instagram worthy pair of Climate Pledge friendly meditation seats. 

Suitable for any decor, and coming in a variety of colors, this cushion is versatile, comfortable, and convenient for the eco-friendly meditator. 

What makes this meditation cushion an awesome sustainable gift?

  • Made of registered “SAFER CHEMICALS” as part of an environmental sustainability effort. 
  • MEMORY FOAM for comfort. 
  • CLIMATE PLEDGE friendly.

12. Cotton Yoga Bolster by Sol Living

Yoga bolsters are essential for the dedicated yoga practitioner. They make great support in deep stretches, yin positions, restorative poses, and in savasana. 

This one is made of cotton and is meant to keep its form for many years to come.

Why is this bolster an awesome, sustainable gift?

  • Cotton is a HIGHLY RENEWABLE and durable material
  • KEEPS ITS SHAPE for years. 
  • Comes in a VARIETY OF COLORS and shapes
  • MACHINE WASHABLE outer cover. 
  • The convenient HANDLE makes it easy to transport. 

So... Which are you going to buy?

The yogic teaching ahimsa or “non-harming” is part of the philosophy of not causing injury to people or planet. 

Your yoga practicing loved one will appreciate that you’ve taken Earth into consideration with your awesome, sustainable gift. 

I hope this has given you some solid ideas! May you and your loved ones enjoy this occasion. 

I would love to know which one of these gift ideas has sparked your creative gift-giving juices. Leave a comment below!

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