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7 Ways Your Soul Tries to Speak to You (Are You Listening?)

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The Soul Speaks Its Own Language.

Learn how to decipher its calls.

Your soul, or highest self, communicates with you all the time.

The trouble is we don’t always hear what it is trying to say.

The whole project of yoga involves tuning into your soul’s whispers and essentially becoming one with your highest self. 

This article dives right into the best ways — based on ancient wisdom — that you can open the channel to better communication with your soul or highest self. 

Let’s get right in…



1. Sniff Out Your Joy!

JOY is the single best indicator of a choice that is aligned with your soul’s desires. 

What lifts you up and makes you feel lighter and more expansive?

What makes you feel like you want to do a little boogie-woogie out of sheer happiness? 

What makes you tingle and get giddy and feels absolutely good through-and-through? 

Contemplate this - #1:

What do you feel like doing RIGHT NOW? If it’s in your highest service (even if there could be some short-term fallout), then move in that direction!

Contemplate this - #2:

Whip out a pencil and jot down the following: What brings you genuine joy in each of the 5 areas of life? Take no more than 2 mins for the journaling, and answer with the first brief phrases that pop into your mind.

  1. Physical Health
  2. Career or Mind
  3. Family
  4. Relationship or Romance
  5. Spirit

2. Get Quiet

Yes, meditation is superb. If you have a meditation practice, this truly is the best way to silence the monkey mind and slide into the awareness field. 

But if you feel intimidated or resistant when it comes to meditation… have no fear! There are other ways to quiet the mind. 

Get yourself alone for 20 mins w/ no tech and...

  • Enjoy a cup of tea,
  • Gaze at the stars or the daytime sky,
  • Take a walk in the woods,
  • Sit on your sofa or favorite chair with no screens,
  • Take a long shower or bath, 
  • Find a hammock, 
  • Stare at a tree, 
  • Look at one spot on the wall.
The idea is to give your mind the space to run its course and to — hopefully — settle. It won’t all be rainbows and unicorns (or maybe it will), but at some point you’ll develop a little spaciousness between your thoughts and your deeper awareness. This is the space where inner knowing gets to bubble up. 

3. Notice synchronicities

Ever think of someone and bump into them the next day? 

Don’t ignore occurrences like these!

When you have little premonitions and serendipitous encounters, imagine that this is your soul’s guidance system leaving breadcrumbs to let you know you’re on the right path. 

4. Have conversations with your higher self

How do you do this? 

One of my favorite ways is to journal. I recommend completely “emptying out” two or three times to get the most clarity. 

Helpful prompts to ask your higher self

  • What do you want me to know right now?
  • What am I really feeling about ______?
  • How would you guide me in the matter of _______?

5. Ask for signs

You can specifically request that your guidance and support system show you the way. 

It helps to get specific. For instance…

Construct your request like this:

Please show me what would be in my highest good pertaining to ________.

It may sound like a strange thing to do, but simply by asking the co-creative forces to give you guidance you prime yourself to actually NOTICE when clues from the Universe come your way!

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Over 300 luscious flows.

6. Rest more

It’s important that you value yourself enough to rest daily. 

We live in a culture where there is pressure to go, go, go and produce and spread yourself thin. 

It takes guts to buck this system and claim pockets of EASE!

How can you chill??

You’ll notice that your inner knowing speaks A LOT more clearly when your brain is at rest. 

7. Act when it feels aligned

After a period of rest, you’re likely to get a “download” about what feels like the most appropriate, most inspired action. 

In these times, start doing! Even if you’re not sure what the end game is, you’ll likely find that the path unfolds before you as progress along it. 

Wild but true.  

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Let your soul shine through

When you’re fully tapped into your higher knowing, it’ll feel like your heart and head are in sync. 

You’ll be able to make moment-to-moment decisions that lead you naturally in the direction of your best interest and highest service. 

Life becomes ecstatically sweet and satisfying. Naturally, you’ll still have the ups and downs that are characteristic of the human experience. The difference will be that you feel like you’re on exactly the right trajectory. 

I’d love to know… Which of these do you already do? Which are you committed to trying? Leave a comment!

May your soul guide you in all moments. And more importantly, may you hear its calls!!

With love, 

Leigha Butler

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